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Virginia Center for Restorative Justice


Our Blog is to share reflections, interviews, articles and other materials from the field of restorative justice.  This space keeps up the spirit of our Newsletters, yet it is updated more often and it allows a  more responsive communication about issues that matter.  

  • 4 Sep 2023 2:06 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    What does graceful justice look like? Ready to challenge the preconceived notions of you may have about justice? Brace yourselves for a transformative conversation with Lou Freyer, a retired psychologist and school counselor, currently associated with the Virginia Center for Restorative Justice. Together, we debunk traditional concepts of justice and explore the powerful potential of restorative justice. This beautiful, graceful approach, centered around responsibility, repair, and reconnection, aims not to punish the offender but to rebuild the community and reintegrate those who have faltered.

    More than just a theory, we bring restorative justice to life through real case studies. Join us as we dissect everything from felony assault cases to tragic hazing incidents, all handled through the lens of restorative justice. Not only do we bust the myth of restorative justice being the 'easy way out,' we'll discuss how it promotes healing and growth for both the individual and the community. Lou's experience lends us a clear vision of restorative justice in action, unraveling its transformative power and the profound impact it leaves behind.

    We also examine how restorative practices can create harmonious dynamics in all environments, including homes to schools. Learn to invite the tools of restorative justice into your own life, such as active listening and asking for specific change requests, with Lou guiding us through. Understand how you can become a part of this empathetic approach to justice and be the change in your community. So, are you ready to embrace a more compassionate justice system that focuses on grace over punishment? Tune in for an enlightening conversation that can forever shift your perspective on crime, punishment, and redemption.

  • 1 Aug 2022 3:23 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    As a result of the Higher & Continuing Education Program for Incarcerated Women, which offers financial incentives for incarcerated women to earn GEDs and to tutor their peers, 18 women have passed the GED within eight months to date, the most ever passing the test in that time (prison averages three a year). Many of the women tested at the 4-6th grade before studying for the GED. The project's peer tutors are currently training the third cohort of tutors. A graduation ceremony on April 7th for the GED graduates and the second cohort of peer tutors were honored by Governor Ige, First Lady Dawn Ige, Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald (picture above), and Hawai‘i state legislative reprensentaive Linda Ichiyama attending.


    Most of women who pass the GED next take Windward Community College courses provided at the prison, and women being released are pursuing college too. These promising results are just the beginning! We are confident that educational success will only increase, leading to increased opportunities for the women to exercise more agency in their lives leading to more peace and well-being. We look forward to their positive and unique contributions to our community.

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We are a faith based non-profit organization dedicated to providing cooperative methods of resolving conflict. Our services include training and facilitation of restorative justice conferencing, restorative justice circles, restorative justice values-based programs, and introductory restorative justice training.

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