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Virginia Center for Restorative Justice


We would love to have you as a Volunteer with the Virginia Center for Restorative Justice! 

Way you can volunteer:

  • Virginia State Prisons
  •  Juvenile
  •  General District
  • Circuit Courts
  • Schools
  • Corporate Offices. 
The Process
  1. You would contact us at to let us know you are interested in volunteering. 

  2. We would email you the application.

  3.  The application will be reviewed. 

  4.      A criminal background check will be implemented and this could take up to 90 days.

  5. You will be given the opportunity to be mentored by an experienced Restorative Justice Facilitator to the courts, prison and schools programs.


You will complete a multi-day training on the principles of restorative justice and process.  You are given the opportunity to observe and participate in court-referred case referrals, schools and prison programs.

Benefits of Volunteering

1 Public Policy / Advocacy: You can contribute to the strong advocacy program centered on restorative justice. 

2.  Free Informational Services: The center keeps members in touch with each other and current issues through the center’s web site and email updates of emerging issues relevant to our mission. You remain informed about restorative justice issues in our region.

3.  Networking: You have many opportunities to network with professionals in our region, building your contacts, sharing ideas, best practicessolutions to enhance your current job, and to find opportunities for career enhancement.

4.  Discounts on Educational Offerings: We don't charge for our programs.

5.  Leadership Opportunities: You are provided opportunities to learn and practice leadership and meeting management skills that you may need for your resume, professional growth or self-promotion.  Opportunities are available on the VCRJ Board, committees and special projects.

6.  Recognition: You can be recognized or can recognize your colleagues for their achievements in restorative justice.  Some of our heroes work right next to us every day!

7.  Empowerment: Do not want volunteers going out and involving themselves into community conflicts.

Volunteer and make a difference
in someone's life!

About the Center

We are a faith based non-profit organization dedicated to providing cooperative methods of resolving conflict. Our services include training and facilitation of restorative justice conferencing, restorative justice circles, restorative justice values-based programs, and introductory restorative justice training.

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Virginia Center for Restorative Justice
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