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Virginia Center for Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Practices

Circles: In the circle process, participants come together to tell their stories.  A talking piece is passed around the circles.  When holding the talking piece, it is your turn to talk, and others will offer respect by actively listening.  Healing takes place when participants actively listen to one another and tell their stories. 

Per Sandra - "In the Circle, you taught me that I am worth something.  I can have respect for myself and others because I am honest and trustworthy."

Victim - Offender Conferencing: The victim offender conference offers a way to hold the offender responsible.  The actual conference gives the victim the opportunity to have questions surrounding the harmful event answered.  He may get the answer to the question, "Why me?"  He will also explain what he thinks the offender can do to make things right.  The offender gets to explain what he was thinking at the time the harm occurred.  Members of both the victim and the offender's communities may participate in the conference.
Family Group Conference: This restorative justice practice is one of the most promising.  It is used as a decision-making process in child welfare, school discipline and criminal justice procedures.  Juvenile offenders who participate in this process learn how to accept responsibility for the harm they created.  They also learn how to re-enter their community without experiencing guilt, shame and social stigma.  Family members and community supporters of both the victim and the offender come together in order to offer their combined resources for peace building and reconciliation.  Communities (home, school, church) become stronger when they participate in determining how they want to reconcile the wrong done by the wrongdoers. 

Per Executive Employee - “This is a most amazing process.  I’ve never experienced anything like this. "

Restorative Justice Education Resources

We can help you train your team, plan your conference or advance your own skills in conflict-informed leadership, restorative justice, trauma and resilience or a combination of these topics. Explore what we offer and then contact us to take the next step.

Students will walk away learning how to think more critically to prevent conflict, learn how to communicate more effectively to restore and build relationships, and develop a more empathetic worldview - essential life skills needed as they continue in their personal and educational journeys. Students with any academic interest are welcome!

About the Center

We are a faith based non-profit organization dedicated to providing cooperative methods of resolving conflict. Our services include training and facilitation of restorative justice conferencing, restorative justice circles, restorative justice values-based programs, and introductory restorative justice training.

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